Saturday, March 25, 2017


So my packs were basically broken. Well at least some EDITs were, especially My Favs like Sting and Warrior. I made them so long ago and ive just been copying them over and over and never fixed them. Bret Hart and Jushin Liger were also seriously messed up. 

 Ive fixed them all and reloaded the Packs. I hate to do this but if you want the fixed versions you'll have to download the packs again. I wanted to just make a quick Fix pack with just the fixed EDITs needing to be copied over to the main saves but there were too many. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Also I May make a few new EDITs before WORLD comes out. Im just sitting on my hands otherwise.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Ive finished up my last EDITs for Fire Pro Wrestling RETURNS. 

Ive Released 3 EDIT Packs containing ALL my EDITs over the last 10 years.
to download vist the FINAL PACKS link on the right ----->>

Ive also compiled the last run of EDITs into the FINAL Expansion Pack for those that just want to add them to their old Base Saves. to download visit the ALL LORD WORM EDIT PACKS link on the the right -------------------->>>>

Thank you all for visiting this Blog. Im really quite proud of it, Im hoping to Keep it going for decades to come with FIRE PRO WRESTLING WORLD!